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name: madi aka noi
age: 22
prns: they/he
cookie run: QFRZL4835
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hello there! i'm madi. i also go by the aliases noi and chax. there isn't really much there is to know about me to be honest. i'm going to be studying digital media production soon, so until then, i just watch movies and consume a bunch of stuff that rots my brain.

i first started coding in 2014 and i've been constantly learning ever since. two years later i decided to try my hand at creating a website, which is when i made my neocities account. this website has been constantly evolving since then, but i'm trying to find a more permanent style that suits me. the purpose of this website is to share my love for all the things i love! if you would like to see the sources for the stuff around here, please visit this page.

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