yes i like lots of things. yes i have lots of time on my hands

osomatsu-san, promare, code geass, mob psycho 100, saiki k., utapri, jjba, one piece, hunter x hunter, fullmetal alchemist, akira, evangelion, oyasumi punpun, free!, yu yu hakusho, idolish7, owari no seraph, and more...

video games + mobage:
ffxv, utapri, fire emblem, a3!, persona 5, dangan ronpa, idolish7, fate, enstars, sally face, cookie run, b-project, pokemon

muse, queens of the stone age, david bowie, queen, led zeppelin, elvis, gorillaz, whitesnake, mother mother, creedence clearwater revival, the police, cage the elephant, arcade fire, lots of weeb shit